Sunday, June 02, 2013

Last day of school

Thursday 5/30 was Lily's last day of first grade and Addy's last day of kindergarten.  They were both ready for summer, but will miss their teachers and friends over the summer.  Lily's teacher, Mrs. Johnson, is the best teacher in the world. She is leaving Saint Simon and we are very bummed about that.  Addy had Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Boester this year. They are fantastic teachers and will still be around for Addy to say hi to next year!

Miri didn't finish a grade. She has another year of day care before we put her in preschool. BUT, she does rock with developmental stuff. She can speak so well, does summersaults, and always wants to sit on the potty. She doesn't do anything while she's sitting there, but it's good that she wants to try :) Plus, she is a total all star when she is around the girls friends. They shower her with attention.

AND the kids did...cheer camp, fishing with dads, the kindy 500, a sky zone field trip, camp learn a lot and two swimming parties....amongst other things

Soccer Soccer Soccer

This was the rainiest soccer season we have ever endured.  Rainy and cold.  But the girls still played and had fun. Barclay coached Addy's U6 team this year and I coached Lily's U7 girls. 


This Spring, my two cousins, Emily and Jordan, both got married. We went. They were fun times!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Party Like a Rock Star

Addy and 17 of her best buddies partied like rock stars last night for her b-day party.  The party was at a place called Bongo Boys and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!  The girls danced, ate, pizza, danced some more, did the coolest drum circle ever, then had cupcakes and left exhausted.  Afterwards, Addy declared that she wants everything to happen at Bongo Boys. Hmmm?  Drums for every event?  


We went to California for a long weekend in early April. I had a conference and the whole family tagged along. While I worked, the girls went to Disney and the American Girl doll store.  Aunt Ari took them to Am Girl to celebrate Addy's b-day. Barclay got to spend time with friends and family.  In the evenings I joined them for dinner too, so I didn't miss out on all of the fun!

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Cat in the Hat!

Well, the flu struck our house this week, after avoiding it all winter.  So poor Lily missed her Dr. Suess dress up day at school. Pretty sad thing, considering she picked out a Cat in the Hat hat and tie to wear on Friday while reading her book report :(  Miri can give you and idea of what Lily WOULD have looked like had she not been sick...

Do Si Do 2013

Dad and Barclay accompanied the girls to the father/daughter Do Si Do last weekend.  They had a great time and learned to square dance to boot!  Miri, Mom and I snuck over to take a few pictures and Miri got in on the action too!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


We had the BEST Christmas season this year.   All of our loved ones were able to be together and the weather was snowy and beautiful.  Ari was in town for a week, Matt and Taryn and the kids came after Christmas and just left yesterday, and Joe and Mel were around for a long time too. It was so nice!  Most pics are of Christmas, but baby Joe got baptized on 12/30 so those pics are included as well.  Oh, and the girl were in a play the weekend before Christmas, so I threw in two play pics too.  Merry Christmas and the happiest of new years to you all!